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July 13, 2017

Does Stain Resistant Carpet Need Cleaning?

Does Stain Resistant Carpet Need Cleaning?Today Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery answers the question does stain resistant carpet need cleaning? This is a question we hear a lot, as people often equate the idea of ‘stain resistant’ with ‘dirt resistant.' Or at the very least, most people wonder if they can get away with less frequent professional cleanings because they have this particular type of carpet.

Well, the short answer is yes, even stain resistant carpet needs cleaning. It needs just as much routine maintenance as other types of carpet, and to really be clean and safe for the people living in your home, they will need professional attention periodically just like other types of carpet.  To understand why it is necessary to comprehend what stain resistant means.

Stain resistant carpets are made with a special coating called PTFE/Teflon. This substance coats the fibers in your carpet and repels whatever you might spill on the floor, therefore not allowing the fiber to soak up colors. For example, when someone spills colored fruit juice or red wine on the floor the fibers are resistant to soaking up the colors, making it much easier to clean a carpet stain without leaving behind a trace that it ever happened.

When it comes to dirt and other particles, this coating only serves to keep ground in dirt from leaving behind any color, but it can’t magically make that dirt disappear. For a carpet to be actually clean, dirt and other particles need to be removed either through regular maintenance such as vacuuming or a professional deep clean.

The frequency of which you should have your carpet professionally cleaned has little to do with the type of carpet you have and everything to do with how much traffic your carpet sustains. For example, a home with only one or two occupants, no pets or children, and in an area like a city where there are more sidewalks and asphalt than exposed dirt surrounding the home will need less frequent cleaning.

But if you’ve got pets and children running in and out all the time, leaving behind pet dander and tracking dirt from the garden into your house your carpet will require more frequent cleanings.

Other factors affecting the frequency with which you will want to clean your carpet includes the type of people living in your home. Elderly folks and small children are more affected by allergens and pathogens in the carpet. Plus, if you or a family member has allergies and is more affected than the average person more frequent cleanings will be necessary.

In general, if your home has relatively ideal conditions you should only need a professional carpet cleaning once every 12-18 months. But if many of these other factors that we’ve discussed are present, you may need cleanings as frequently as every 4-6 months.

We hope this article has been helpful for answering the question does stain resistant carpet need cleaning? As always, the friendly staff here at Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is available for any questions you have or to schedule a carpet cleaning!

June 26, 2017

How to Remove Common Carpet Stains

How to Remove Common Carpet Stains Like CoffeeAre you wondering how to remove common carpet stains? The friendly folks at Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Denver offer this great resource. Accidents and spills are part of daily life, but you don’t have to worry if it happens to you. All is not lost with these great tips on how to remove common carpet stains.


Kool-Aid may be a favorite drink for your little ones, but it is a parent’s nightmare if any of the brightly colored flavors end up splattered on your carpet. You don’t have to give up entirely, though, even with white carpet because there are several good ways to get it out.

The first rule of thumb, blot up the excess liquid with a white cloth and never scrub or rub as you could grind the stain more firmly into the carpet. Mix ¼ white vinegar with 1 Tbsp. Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle with water. Thoroughly soak the area with this mixture and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Blot up the liquid with your cloth.

You may have to repeat a couple of times to get all signs of color out of the carpet. For particularly stubborn stains you can try a commercial stain remover in addition to the vinegar mixture but always test on a small, unobtrusive area of carpet first to ensure it doesn’t damage it. If all else fails, contact Acme Clean for help and a deep cleaning.

Pet Stains

Furry friends can sometimes have accidents where they shouldn’t and while the initial mess is usually easy to clean, sometimes the odor left behind is a bit more stubborn. You can try ¼ vinegar mixed with water. Soak the spot and blot up the liquid. Again, you might need to do it a few times. You can also try with laundry detergent and water for especially stubborn spots. Just always be sure to blot up the water and don’t rub to grind the pet stain in any further.

Coffee Stains

Coffee leaves behind an ugly stain that no one wants in their carpet. Just like with the other types, start blotting up the liquid with a white towel as quickly as possible. Make sure to switch to a fresh towel if it gets soaked because you could spread the color even further by reusing the same towel.

Once you get the liquid up, you can try vinegar and water with a bit of non-bleach detergent in the manner that we’ve already described. You can also use commercial products specifically manufactured for coffee stains but always do a spot test first in an inconspicuous area to ensure it doesn’t damage your carpet.

Of course, if these tips on how to remove common carpet stains don’t end up working as well as you’d like, or you have several stains that you want to get rid of, don’t hesitate to call the professionals here at Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Denver. Having been in business since 1967, we have plenty of experience dealing with stubborn stains and dirty carpets. We will make sure that your carpet looks and smells super clean and get rid of any pesky stains that are stubbornly hanging around.

June 14, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Scams and How to Spot Them

Carpet Cleaning Scams and How to Spot ThemTo help keep you safe, here at Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Denver we want you to be aware of common carpet cleaning scams and how to spot them. We know there is nothing worse than wanting to do a good thing for your family by keeping the carpets clean and safe and then getting scammed in the process. Now your carpets aren’t clean as you wanted and you’re out some hard-earned cash.

Our Unbelievable Prices!

When it comes to carpet cleaning scams and how to spot them, this is the big one. If the prices are unbelievable, that’s probably because they aren’t real, especially if a door-to-door salesman presents them. Sometimes they’ll even show you competitors’ fliers to “prove” that their prices are the best. If you agree to their prices, a cleaner comes a few days later to perform the work.

Suddenly the price starts going up because the size of your rooms is weird, the carpet is unusual, there are “extremely stubborn” carpet stains, etc. They’re just looking for something that can sound like a legitimate excuse to jack the price up. To avoid this, don’t talk to a door-to-door salesman and don’t ever let salespeople talk you into agreeing because the offer is only good for an extremely limited time.

We Only Use the “Best Method”

There are two primary ways of cleaning carpets. Steam cleaning mixes hot water with a chemical detergent which then gets injected into the carpet. A vacuum then sucks back out the dirty water. Dry cleaning uses a minuscule amount of water mixed with special chemicals to refresh the fibers and lift stains from your carpet. Neither method is necessarily better than the other, it simply depends on the type of carpet you have and how dirty it is. 

The scam works by the company claiming to use the “best method” available and attaching a premium price tag for this so-called special quality treatment. If you ask a technician what their method is and they don’t want to or can’t explain it, or seem offended that you asked, you should go with a different company. 

They Only Did a “Surface Clean”

This one is hard because it only shows up after the fact. When you first come back to your house you think everything is okay but then the same stains start showing up and the carpet doesn’t really seem that clean within a few days.

It can be tricky because sometimes even reputable companies can accidentally do this. It can be that their equipment was going bad and they didn’t realize it, or they did it on purpose to cut their operating costs. Just be sure to research companies beforehand to see if they have a history of this or not. 

We hope that this information on carpet cleaning scams and how to spot them has been helpful. You can always talk more in-depth with one of our representatives here at Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Denver if you have more questions. Of course, we are always available to set up an appointment, and with our track record, you can rest assured that we are an honest and reputable company.

May 16, 2017

Choosing the Right Commercial Carpet for Your Business

Choosing the Right Commercial Carpet for Your BusinessChoosing the right commercial carpet for your business is not always easy. Today, Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Denver has a few tips to help get you on the right track. The floor is a large surface in your place of business and as such reflects a great deal on your business’ appearance. It might not get the attention of a well-designed accent piece, in fact, it shouldn’t pull the eye too much, but a poor choice in carpeting will definitely attract the eye and leave an impression you want to avoid.

There are five basic areas that you should keep in mind when choosing the right commercial carpeting for your business. These are:



How do you determine if a commercial carpet is suitable for your business? First, for safety, know about fire ratings. There are two fire ratings that you should be aware of. The first is the NBS Smoke Chamber Test. More people are killed or injured by smoke inhalation than by the actual fire so using materials that keep down the smoke level during a fire can potentially save lives. All carpets, whether made for commercial or residential purposes must pass this test with a 450 or less. If the carpet company you are considering buying from is reputable, they will only sell carpet compliant with this regulation as any carpet that cannot pass this test is illegal. However, it is a good item to check.

Next, you need to consider any special considerations for your particular place of business. This would be best to talk over with a professional to think about what kinds of things your carpet will need to be able to withstand. A few examples include:

This list is not exhaustive, but a professional can help you determine what considerations are important. From there they can also help you choose the right type of carpet for your needs.


In general, a commercial establishment receives a lot more traffic than most people’s homes and so requires a durable carpet that will last well. There is a class of carpet, conveniently called commercial carpet, that is designed to meet the heavy traffic needs of a business. However, there is a bit of variety within this class. The three most important factors to consider when determining the durability of a carpet are density, color, and pattern.

Density is measured in ounces per cubic yard. You can find density in the product specifications, and it should be a number somewhere between 2000 and 10,000. The higher the number, the denser the carpet and thereby more durable. Commercial carpet numbers start around 4000, but if your business receives a lot of traffic, you should be looking at carpets around the higher end of the spectrum.

Be aware that these numbers are not accurate for all types of carpets. For example, if you are considering cut-pile carpet you should add about 500 to these figures. Also, be aware that “high traffic” is a somewhat subjective term. A professional can help you to determine how dense your carpet should be to get a reasonable life expectancy out of your new carpet.

Your initial thought when choosing the right commercial carpet for your business might be that color belongs under aesthetics, but it plays a part in how well your carpet holds up. Think about choosing a dense carpet rated for heavy traffic areas--in white. How quickly is your carpet going to look like a disaster? Right, so think about what color would do best to hide the dirt in your area. If the soil is really sandy, you might choose a lighter hue, but if the soil is dark and loamy, a darker hue will stay looking fresh longer.

Also, pay attention to the hue your soil leaves behind. Dark, rich soil often imparts a somewhat yellowish hue that will turn your carpet ugly quickly if you have the wrong color. Browns, tans or a rust color would work well with this. To be different, you can use a shade of green. Green already has yellow undertones so won’t show the stains as much.

The pattern also plays a role in how clean your carpet appears. Many patterns are very effective at hiding stains--or making them more obvious, so choose wisely.

Ease of Maintenance

Practically speaking, no business will have an employee solely dedicated to keeping the carpet in tip top shape. There really is no need for it. As long as you do your research and talk to the right professionals, your carpet will remain looking good for years with simply vacuuming and commercial carpet cleaning from Acme Clean. We can keep them looking brand new.


Whatever type of carpet you choose, the cost will always be a major factor. If you need to be careful with your budget, that’s where choosing the correct density comes in handy. Generally speaking, the denser the carpet, the more expensive it is. Therefore, if you have a small shop that only receives a handful of customers a day, it would be excessive to splurge on a high-density carpet.

Also, take a look at the style of carpet that you are choosing. Patterns are typically more expensive than solid-colored or heathered looks and may not be entirely necessary.


So we’ve already talked about how choosing the right color and pattern can keep your carpet looking new. However, you also want to choose something that is attractive and doesn’t detract from the overall look of your business. In the past, business owners generally had to buy ugly brown carpet, and all choices were limited. Now, however, there are hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, so you can find the carpet that is the perfect fit for your business.

We hope these tips will help you when choosing the right commercial carpet for your business. Also, periodic professional cleanings will help your carpet last longer and keep it looking its best for a long time, so be sure to give us a call here at Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

April 14, 2017

How to Remove Pet Stains and Odor for Good

How to Remove Pet Stains and Odor for GoodAt Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Denver, our pet-owning customers often ask how to remove pet stains and odor for good. We’ve seen that our furry friends can cause quite a bit of damage, even if it is not at first apparent to the eye – or nose. But we also know that with the proper care on the part of the homeowner, there are ways to prevent excessive damage when pet accidents happen.

What’s the Big Deal, Anyway?

In case you’re wondering why pet urine is such a problem let’s talk about what happens when your pet urinates on the carpet. When you notice your pet freshly urinating on the carpet, you might think that sopping it up with a paper towel and putting a little disinfectant on it is sufficient. Immediate action like that is, of course, desirable but not always.

One step further. What about when you don’t catch it right away? That little spot that you find in your carpet might not look that bad, but that’s because the urine has already mostly soaked into the padding underneath the carpet and spread out. On average, you can expect a wet spot in the padding about three times the size of the one in the carpet.

You might be thinking, well even that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. As long as the pet isn’t urinating on the carpet all the time, eventually the moisture will have a chance to dry naturally. A little disinfectant on top to keep the germs and bacteria down and just let evaporation take care of the rest.

Trust us when we say that we wish it were that easy!

The trouble is that pet urine stains contain these pesky little crystals of a substance called uric acid. If you don’t adequately combat that uric acid and eliminate it completely, it is impossible to remove the stain fully, and the odor it leaves behind.

Plus, finding all the spots can be a challenge. If your pet spends any time at home alone, he has ample chance to relieve himself without you even realizing when or where he did. Even when you are home, you’re probably not watching every second.

Plus, some dogs get excited and pee a little when a new person comes over or something scares them and you won’t necessarily see them squat or lift a leg and make a big production out of peeing. It can be hard to find every last one of these little spots, and use of a black light helps immensely in this process.

When you do see where they go there are home remedies that can at least provide immediate relief but over time that uric acid will continue to build up and start causing problems. Even many soaps and commercial cleaners aren’t fully equipped to thoroughly clean the carpet as they don’t have the proper compounds for breaking down and eliminating uric acid.

That’s where professional carpet cleaners come into play. We have both professional products designed to thoroughly combat uric acid, and everything else that comes along with pet waste, as well as deep-cleaning techniques and methods that work.

What You Can Do Between Cleanings

Now that you understand why pet urine is such a headache, let’s talk about what you can do to reduce pet stains and carpet odors in between professional cleanings. It isn’t necessarily difficult to clean up the spots, but the right product and method should be used in order to obtain satisfactory results.

Two points to note. First, choosing an enzymatic cleaner will help to deal with the uric acid problem, but be sure to read the label and use the soap according to its particular recommendations. They aren’t all the same. You might pay a little bit more for it, but in the long run, you will thank yourself. Second, attacking that urine when it is as fresh as possible is the best way to eliminate it as much as possible.

So, let’s get to step-by-step instructions to show a proper pet urine cleaning process. However, as we mentioned, be sure to read the label on your cleaner and follow the specific instructions you find there.

  1. If there is any solid waste, gently pick that up first. Be sure not to rub the carpet fibers as that can cause a stain to set at this point in the process.
  1. Next, apply a few layers of paper towels and thoroughly blot the spot to get out as much of the liquid as possible. Again, don’t rub, just apply pressure and let the towels perform their absorbing action.
  1. Once you’ve got out as much liquid as possible, thoroughly soak the area with cleaner. This is a step that many homeowners don’t get right; they don’t put enough cleaner on the spot. Remember that the spot in the padding underneath the carpet is about 3 times as big, so you have to add enough cleaner to soak that entire area thoroughly.
  1. Now you can leave it to sit for a while and let the cleaner do its thing. Check the cleaner’s label for the recommended amount of time for your particular product. Cover the spot with a piece of cardboard to protect it from traffic while the cleaner works.
  1. After the recommended time has passed, come back with more paper towels and blot up the moisture. You can put a piece of newspaper over the top of the paper towels to help with absorption and just change out the paper towels as they become saturated. Depending on the size of the accident and the amount of cleaner uses, you may have to do this multiple times.

This is a good fix for the short term. Eventually, you will need to call in the professionals, particularly if you have a lot of old stains or your pet keeps having accidents. Remember, the only way to effectively remove pet stains and odor for good is with professional products, methods, and know-how.

Acme Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, we make the process as painless as possible for customers and know how to remove pet stains and odor for good. Our friendly staff will come out to your home at your convenience and work quickly to leave your home smelling fresh, clean, and free of pet stains.


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